Virtual Support Program

Fall has arrived and so has the ongoing

Virtual Support Group!

The Virtual Support Program has been created to meet the needs of today’s families with active lifestyles who find themselves unable to attend a local community-based TOUGHLOVE® Parent Support Group because of distance or work schedule conflicts. It is our vision that every family in the world will have the TOUGHLOVE® Program available to them. Preview how it works by viewing a FREE 30-minute orientation.

The Virtual Support Program is now offering a weekly online Parent Support Group meeting that is presented via the Internet and gives you the tools to change your own behavior so that you will no longer tolerate unacceptable behavior from your kids. Parents learn about the Program by living it and by participating in the weekly online support group.

Your first TOUGHLOVE® Virtual Group meeting is always the hardest. Most people are amazed and relieved to find that the group is composed of people just like themselves who have been, or are going through the same thing they are. The comforting feeling of not being alone is the most common response after the first meeting.

You will meet separately with other newcomers where you will decide what goal you want to reach with your family by completing the Crisis Assessment form that is in the Six Week Diary. The Host will help you with this, but you must set your own goal. Most people find, after they have completed their Crisis Assessment, that the goal is fairly clear. During the meeting, you will be given some ways to contact other members during the week. Others will be contacting you during the week to see how you are doing. This will give you some idea of the support that is so important in helping you regain control of your family.

When you return the following week, you and other newcomers will join the regular weekly group and be introduced to the other members. You will begin working more specifically on ways you will achieve your goal.

From our experience, you will need to give your TOUGHLOVE group at least six weeks before you start seeing changes. Therefore, the initial cost to attend a Virtual Support Group meeting includes access to the website for 2 months. After that, access is renewed on a monthly basis. Check out the Group Schedule for more information.

The TOUGHLOVE® Program has helped tens of thousands of families. We welcome your participation, we welcome your support, and, together, we can be successful in reclaiming control of our lives and our homes.