About TLI

About TOUGHLOVE® International

Our vision:

Every family and community will have knowledge of and access to the TOUGHLOVE® Program.

Our mission:

TOUGHLOVE® International is a nonprofit self-help organization that offers an effective, dynamic program for families and communities. Through on-going support, the program educates and empowers people to accept responsibility for their actions.

TOUGHLOVE® families network with community leaders, agencies and each other to help parents regain control of their homes and their lives making communities safer places in which to live.

TOUGHLOVE International strives to:

  • Continue to provide cost-effective, community based, self-help groups for communities troubled by the acting-out behavior of kids of all ages, even adult children.
  • Develop new programs using the existing TOUGHLOVE problem-solving model.
  • Develop national recognition and support for quality care and service for families in trouble.
  • Promote a cooperative relationship between families and the community human services agencies.
  • Network with public and private agencies, groups, and institutions to attain stated goals.
  • Promote a positive, realistic image of parents and families.
    Help children of all ages to become responsible adults.